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How we dressed Ella for school in the Norwegian winters

All the snow we've had on the East Coast lately, and the winter break that is coming up, reminded me of Ella's old nursery school, in Norway. It was a pretty large school, with five classes of 2- to 3-year-olds – Ella's age at the time – and several classes of 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds.  The school was housed in a big, old brick mansion. It had a yard about half an acre big, with apple trees and a large lawn, in addition to the swing sets, sand boxes and all the toys you would expect. In the winter, it was all covered in snow, but that didn’t stop anyone from playing outside. There were two small knolls in the yard. They were...

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How I take care of my wool

Ever since I got into this, I'm often asked how to care for our wool. I think, what people really mean when they ask is: Isn't it a huge pain in the neck? No, it's really not. Once you know a few basics, washing wool is no more of a hassle than washing a load of whites. The first thing to know, is that wool does not need to be washed as often as other fabrics. Unlike materials like cotton or linen, wool repels both moisture and bacteria, so nothing much really bites. Many spots can simply be brushed off, wiped off with a damp cloth or rinsed away with tap water. Afterwards, hang your wool to air out a little bit, and it will be as good...

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How to dress your baby for cold weather (infographic)

Everyone knows to dress in layers when it’s cold. But did you know that the wrong layers will defeat the purpose? So, how do you dress your baby to be comfy and warm all winter long? We've put together an infographic that shows you how.  Did you for example know that the neck and upper back is the perfect place to feel if your baby is too warm or too cold? (If it feels wet, remove one layer.)  Did you also know that when wool gets wet, it will still keep you warm?  Wearing a base layers in soft merino wool it's the safest and best. Take it from a Norwegian. GET IT HERE. Below you can see the full...

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