7 common myths about wool

Ok, raise your hand if you can come up with at least three reasons not to wear wool. Either on yourself, or force it on your precious baby. It itches, is a hassle to clean and costs a fortune. Only three? We can add heavy, ugly and high maintenance. Who has time, energy or enough arms for hand washing with a newborn around? Well, we want to challenge you on all of the above. Myths about wool have been kept alive for long enough; it is time to look at what it actually is.

Myth: Wool’s always itchy

Truth: Nope, merino wool and alpaca wool are not itchy. They are, in fact, very soft. Your baby will love it, and you will want the clothes in adult size.

Myth: Wool’s expensive

Truth: Compared to how reliable and long lasting wool is, it’s not expensive. Cotton and synthetic clothes are cheap because it is made in sweatshops in Asia, by materials made in factories. Merino wool is harvested from living sheep, raised by famers. So it costs more, but will last longer. It’s an investment in your baby and also the environment, and will look nice a lot longer than cotton.

Myth: Wool’s hard to wash / clean

Truth: Most of the merino clothes are machine washable on low temperatures, and can then drip dry. Easy peasy!

Myth: Wool’s high-maintenance

Truth: No, wool is easy. You don’t even have to wash it frequently. Because wool is bacteria resistant, just hang it up to dry when it’s not dirty, and use it again. And you know, many spots can be removed with a wet cloth instead of washing the whole garment. You will save yourself and the environment water and energy (=money!).

Myth: Wool’s heavy

Truth: Nope, it’s actually very lightweight. Perfect for traveling! Doesn’t' even wrinkle. As we said, you will want it for yourself!

Myth: Wool’s ugly

Truth: No, it’s beautiful! What, ugly? And you can always layer it with the cool and hip clothes you have bought online or in that small designer shop. 

Myth: Wool’s old-fashioned

Truth: And what's wrong with that? Back to the roots! People these days require good quality, natural clothes. Ella’s wool provides just that, because we want the best for all kids.

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