Is it necessary to think before buying clothes for your kid?

Lately I have been thinking about why I love wool so much. Obviously, there are all the benefits like keeping you warm, being soft, easy to care for, makes your baby sleep better and so on. But it’s more. It is so organic, so natural, so clean. It just feels so right!

We started domesticate sheep more than 10 000 years ago. It’s in our instincts to collect what nature gives us and use it for something useful, like dressing our kids. One sheep can be harvested for it’s fleece a number of years, and it’s fibers are hundred percent natural. Not made in laboratories or factories, like so many other textiles. Wool, especially the super soft merino which is so good on our kid’s skin, actually has a lot of benefits they have a hard time recreating. 

Not all clothes are good for our skin, and then I am not just talking about old fashion itchy wool. So many textiles are full of harmful dyes, chemicals and toxins, that can not only be bad for our skin, but also our planet. The textile industry is behind a huge part of the world’s polluted waters and rivers, and it’s all fueled by our crazy mass consuming. We want new clothes constantly and we want it cheap. Unfortunately, it comes with a really high price that ultimately our kids will have to pay.  

Here are three easy steps to lower that price: 

* Buy less, and when you buy, be sure to buy quality clothes that will last. Look for shops that have made conscious choices, and sell eco-friendly, organic and fair trade. All the clothes at Ella's wool is tried and tested, and can be bought with a good conscience.

* Buy second hand. If you buy from charity shops you help both the planet and other people in need. Look for clothes like coats, blazers and suits in wool. With a good dry clean and maybe a small alteration, they can look just like new. Unique to you and at a fraction of the price. 

* Wash your clothes only when dirty and when you do, fill up the washing machine. You'll save electricity, water and soap, and your clothes will last longer. Good for our planet and even your wallet! Remember that wool's self cleaning abilities reduces the need to wash the clothes more than necessary. 

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