Ella's Wool

Thermal Merino Baby Hat (Marl-Gray)


  • Thermal merino wool hat for babies aged 3-6 months
  • Keeps your little one’s head warm, and protects tiny ears from chilly winds
  • Available in light pink, navy blue, moss green and marl gray
  • Made from butter-soft, non-itchy 100% merino wool



As we all know, it’s super important to keep your baby’s head warm when it’s cold outside.

Ella's Wool's helmet hat will keep your baby’s head and little ears warm and cozy. Made from the finest quality merino wool, our baby hats are butter-soft to the touch - meaning that they can be worn against the skin all day long without complaints.

To prevent babies from taking their hat off, out merino hats have strings that tie underneath the chin. We recommend putting our thermal hat on your baby when they’re outside and need extra protection from the elements.

Unlike cotton, merino wool does a great job of wicking away sweat and keeping your baby warm - even when it’s wet! Merino wool is an amazing breathable fabric that keeps your child comfortable by regulating body temperature, therefore preventing sweat and overheating.

Merino wool is also naturally antimicrobial and odor-resistant, which means that you won’t have to wash our merino hat often as others.

This hat matches the colors of Ella's Wool Baby Base Layer sets.

Made by Ella’s wool with super-soft merino wool.

Tubes Size Chart

Inseam (inside of the leg to heal)

Cuff rolled up Cuff rolled down
inches metric inches metric
9-18M 12" 30.5 cm 14" 35.5 cm
18M-3Y 11.5" 29 cm 14.5" 37 cm
3-5Y 14" 35.5 cm 17" 43 cm
5-7Y 18" 46 cm 20.5" 52 cm

Children's Size Chart

Approximate measurements of children at various ages, used when determining size from age.

Child's approximate height/length
Size Imperial metric
0-3 months 19" – 24.5" 50–62 cm
3–6 months 25" – 27.5" 62–68 cm
6–12 months 28" – 31.5" 68–80 cm
12–18 months 32" – 34" 80–86 cm
2 years 3' 0" 92 cm
3 years 3' 2.5" 98 cm
4 years 3' 5" 104 cm
5 years 3' 7.5" 110 cm
6 years 3' 10" 116 cm
One-size One size fits all