Affiliate Program

We've been very fortunate to get a lot of love from amazing bloggers and other great people who have helped us make Ella's Wool better known.

In order to give something back to all you wonderful people spreading the word, we've launched an affiliate program. Now, all of you who love our stuff can get a cut of the sales you help us make when you link to our site.

When you sign up for our affiliate program below, you get a unique referral link you can share on your blog or website, your email list or social media account. Whenever anyone uses that link to find Ella's Wool, you will get 10% of what they spend.

We'll also add you to our insiders' list, where you'll get to know what we're planning a little sooner than everyone else, and possibly get a chance to test new products that we launch.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up. 

Sign up below.