Ella's Wool Baby Base Layer Set (Marl-Gray)
Ella's Wool Baby Base Layer Set (Marl-Gray)
Ella's Wool Baby Base Layer Set (Marl-Gray)
Ella's Wool Baby Base Layer Set (Marl-Gray)
Ella's Wool Baby Base Layer Set (Marl-Gray)
Ella's Wool Baby Base Layer Set (Marl-Gray)

Ella's Wool

Ella's Wool Baby Base Layer Set (Marl-Gray)


Our Base Layer Set Keeps your baby warm when temperatures drop below 50F/10C

  • Base layer set with 1 merino wool onesie and 1 pair of merino wool pants
  • Made from butter soft, non-itchy 100% pure merino wool
  • Available in light pink, navy blue, moss green and marl gray
  • Keeps babies warm even when damp
When winter arrives and it’s freezing outside, it can be tempting to keep your precious little baby inside and safe from the cold. Norwegians, however, have been keeping their babies warm in harsh winters for hundreds of years. How? By clothing them with wool. 
Our base layer set is made from 100% merino wool, which comes from an ancient breed of sheep that survives in conditions in which a normal sheep would freeze. When humans discovered this ‘miracle fibre', they began to use it to make clothing that keeps people warm, even in very cold climates. Merino wool is absolutely perfect for babies because it keeps their fragile bodies warm and toasty while stile regulating body temperature. The result? A very happy baby that isn’t too hot or too cold, but is just right. 


Our base layer set is made from the softest merino wool we’ve ever felt - it’s like butter! Therefore, it’s the perfect material to rest against your baby’s delicate skin all day long. Unlike normal wool, merino wool is made from super-fine fibres that are non-itchy. Merino wool stays warm when damp, so if your baby gets wet (it happens!), they’ll still be comfortable. Merino wool is also naturally antimicrobial and odor-resistant, which means that you won’t have to wash our base layer set as often as others.
When it’s extra chilly, our base layer set is perfect worn under normal clothes or a waterproof bodysuit. This set is great for all activities below 50F/10C like hiking, camping, or a snowy winter stroll through Central Park.
Made by Ellas Wool with sustainable, eco-friendly merino wool


Care: For the woolies to last a long time, we recommend hand wash with wool detergent, no tumble dry.


Onesie measurements :  

Side seam from armscye to top of leg opening:

3-6M: 5.25"

6-9M: 6.5"

9-12M: 10" (Big in size)

12-18M: 11" (Big in size)

Pants measurements : 

3-6M:   From crotch inseam to heel: 6.5"  From inseam leg to heel: 4.5"

6-9M:   From crotch inseam to heel: 8" From inseam leg to heel: 6"

9-12M:  From crotch inseam to heel: 10" From inseam leg to heel: 8" 

(Big in size)

12-18M: From crotch inseam to heel: 13".  From inseam leg to heel: 11" 

(Big in size)