janus merino wool purple thermal girls tights


Girl's Merino Wool Tights

  • Plum mid-weight tights for little girls
  • Made with 75% merino wool (for warmth and softness), 23% polyamide (for durability), and 2% elastin (for stretch)
  • Ultra warm and non-itchy

    Keep your little girl’s legs warm with these pretty plum tights from Janus. They can be worn under skirts and dresses, or layered under winter clothing for extra warmth. These tights are made with 75% merino wool, an amazing material used by parents in Norway to keep their kids warm throughout the winter.

    Flexible & Breathable

    Tights are close fitting to the skin, so they should be made of something that’s breathable to avoid overheating when your child is running around. Your child won’t get uncomfortably hot and clammy wearing these tights because merino wool regulates body temperature by quickly absorbing sweat and evaporating it into the air. This keeps you comfortable and reduces the opportunity for odors to develop. These tights have a good amount of stretch so they’ll last a long time,too.

    When you want to wash these tights,simply put them in the washing machine on a cold cycle. We recommend using a good wool detergent to make them last longer.

    Made in Norway by Janus