About Us

Ella’s Wool was established in 2012. Partly as a result of frustration only a parent could feel, partly due to an addiction to wool that only a Norwegian could have.

I’d recently moved from Oslo to Brooklyn with Ella and her little brother, and to my big surprise I couldn’t find warm clothes anywhere. By “warm clothes”, of course, I mean wool: The most natural, warm, soft and reliable thing you can dress your kid in when it’s cold.

I couldn’t believe warm, wool clothes weren’t in every child’s wardrobe and every children’s clothing store, as they are back in Norway. Didn’t American parents know about the wonderful secret of pure wool? That a single, thin layer of super soft merino wool under your kids’ ordinary clothes makes all the amazing difference?

After some wooly investigation, I contacted some of the best brands from Scandinavia, and happily, they were all more than interested in helping us keep American kids warm.

Here at Ella's Wool we will show you how easy it is to dress your child with a super soft, thin merino wool layer under the clothes when it’s below 50 °F (10 °C). Plus, we have some adorable, soft alpaca clothing to wear over the merino base layer. 

On babies, merino wool is recommended year round, because it will keep your baby warm when it’s cold, and cool and dry when it’s hot and humid.

My mission: To inform as many parents as possible about all the benefits of pure wool, so their children can play outside all year.

If you like wool clothing for kids, please share our site, so we can help many, many kids to be warm all over America. 


Vibeke K Johansen

Founder, Ella's Wool

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