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I got some exciting news to share!

 The main reason for starting Ella’s Wool a few years ago was that I could no longer stand to see the empty playgrounds here in Brooklyn during winter time.

I was trying to find out why the kids and I practically were the only ones out playing, so I started to ask around how the other parents dressed their little ones.

As a Norwegian, I have experienced (and survived!) 32 winters living in Norway before moving to the US. As I’m getting cold super fast, I've tested out all the different base layers at the marked.

The one thing I found out, NOTHING beats merino wool when it comes to base layers. It’s simply a fantastic material. No wonder why professional athletes are wearing this!

For parents in Norway, it's a no-brainer to dress your kids in soft merino wool thermals. You can't go outside for about nine months of the year without it. And Norwegians love to go outside in the cold!

For a long time, I've been thinking of making a line of base layers for kids at Ella's Wool. It would be so great to have the exact colors that I like and also a storage right here in the US for quick shipping.

Well, it's happening!! I met a designer who happens to love merino wool, and the rest is history. :-)

From Fall 2016 we'll be launching Ella's Wool thermals for babies and kids 0-10 years! 

I'm so excited that I can hardly breathe! 

More information will follow, in the meantime have a great spring!

Warm wishes,
Ella's Wool


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