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Soft wool VS scratchy wool - Here's the difference

  If you were a child any time before the 1990s your memories of wearing wool might be similar to mine. Some of my earliest recollections of winters in Norway, where I grew up, involve me barreled up in wool base layers to keep me warm while I played outside. The wool of my childhood was course and scratchy and left me feeling itchy and red and generally irritated when I wore it - having it so close to my skin, which it had to be for it to do its job, felt more like a punishment than my parents’ loving effort to keep me warm and dry (hair shirt, anyone?). If this sounds like a familiar experience, and you...

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What To Wear When Crossing the Atlantic in a Viking Ship

  Hi!It’s been a busy few months while I’ve been building up our stock of winter product, but as today is Columbus day, it got me thinking about a cool experience I had recently that I’d love to share with you.In September I went with my family to watch the Draken Harald Harfague, a scaled replica of a Viking ship, make its passage into New York Harbor. The ship set sail from Norway 5 months earlier. The crew was closely reenacting an expedition undertaken by Leif Erikson who was the first explorer to sail to North America, around 400 years before Christopher Columbus did. The voyage of the Draken followed a route through rivers and seas in Iceland, Greenland, across...

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Thermal for kids and babies for Fall 2016

Hi, I got some exciting news to share!  The main reason for starting Ella’s Wool a few years ago was that I could no longer stand to see the empty playgrounds here in Brooklyn during winter time. I was trying to find out why the kids and I practically were the only ones out playing, so I started to ask around how the other parents dressed their little ones. As a Norwegian, I have experienced (and survived!) 32 winters living in Norway before moving to the US. As I’m getting cold super fast, I've tested out all the different base layers at the marked. The one thing I found out, NOTHING beats merino wool when it comes to base layers....

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