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How to dress your baby for cold weather (infographic)

Everyone knows to dress in layers when it’s cold. But did you know that the wrong layers will defeat the purpose? So, how do you dress your baby to be comfy and warm all winter long? We've put together an infographic that shows you how.  Did you for example know that the neck and upper back is the perfect place to feel if your baby is too warm or too cold? (If it feels wet, remove one layer.)  Did you also know that when wool gets wet, it will still keep you warm?  Wearing a base layers in soft merino wool it's the safest and best. Take it from a Norwegian. GET IT HERE. Below you can see the full...

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The trick to stay warm at Halloween without ruining the costume

Halloween is around the corner, hooray!! What kind of costume will your child wear this year? Are you dressing up, too? In Norway, the Halloween celebration is pretty new. In the 80’s when I was a young girl, we did something called “Julebukk”, which was similar. Julebukk takes place between the 1st day of Christmas (what’s called Christmas Day here) and New Years Day. To “walk” Julebukk, you dress your kids up as cute Santa’s helpers. Then you walk around the neighborhood, ringing the bells at peoples homes and singing a Christmas carol or two when they open the door. Then they’d give the kids candy afterwards. (In the 80’s we walked around without the parents - I’m not sure...

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Keep Your Kids Warm This Winter, and Make Some Memories!

Some of my best childhood memories from Norway are of spending almost every weekend from December to April at our family cabin the mountains. When we got there, us kids would start playing outside right away while our parents dug out the snow to let us into the cabin and started warming it up inside. Meanwhile, we were having so much fun outside! We’d only come inside for meals and when it got too dark. Every day the whole family went either cross country or downhill skiing. When we got back to the cabin, we’d spend hours making the perfect slide down the hill behind the cabin. We watered it every night to make it extra fast, too! When the...

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