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8 Excellent Parenting Blogs for Active Families

As active parents here at Ella’s Wool, we are always looking to connect and collaborate with like-minded moms and dads. We love to hear the tips, tricks, and ideas from other families that manage to stay successfully active, despite the whirlwind schedule that inevitably comes with raising a family. The web is full of parenting blogs for all types of families. It is wonderful to be able to connect with so many other parents at the click of the button, but it is quite a time-consuming task to narrow down which blogs and whose posts are going to really appeal to our particular family. As a family that loves to hike, camp, and bask in the enjoyment all things outdoors...

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Giving Back Friday

Yesterday we spent the day giving thanks for everything we have. Today, it’s time to give back. I know many of you were hoping for a huge discount today. Instead of doing that, we have another kind of deal lined up for you: Buy One, Give One For everything you buy from Ella’s Wool today, on Give Back Friday, we will donate baby base layers worth the same amount to one of our favorite organizations, Carry The Future.So, if you haven't gotten your kids' base layers for the season yet, or you've been thinking about getting a new pair of Tubes, this is the perfect time. About Carry The Future Carry The Future started out giving baby carriers to refugees who were literally carrying their children in their...

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Keep Your Kids Warm This Winter, and Make Some Memories!

Some of my best childhood memories from Norway are of spending almost every weekend from December to April at our family cabin the mountains. When we got there, us kids would start playing outside right away while our parents dug out the snow to let us into the cabin and started warming it up inside. Meanwhile, we were having so much fun outside! We’d only come inside for meals and when it got too dark. Every day the whole family went either cross country or downhill skiing. When we got back to the cabin, we’d spend hours making the perfect slide down the hill behind the cabin. We watered it every night to make it extra fast, too! When the...

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