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How fast do you dress you child when you're heading outdoors?

Keep Your Kids Dry This Winter Break - From the Inside Out! It’s the middle of winter, and you’ve got a few young kids who each need a bunch of layers before they can head outside. You know what that means: you need to put each layer on them yourself.The problem is that by the time you’ve finished dressing the last kid, the first one has been sitting in her snowsuit for 10 minutes, sweating like crazy! Then, when you finally make it out the door, she’s going to be cold and clammy within a few minutes.Parents might recognize this problem, and Scandinavians might recognize the solution: merino wool. This type of wool is soft against the skin, resists odor,...

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How to dress your toddler no matter the weather

Not sure how to dress your toddler for the heat or cold? Getting children dressed to go outside can be a headache sometimes, it can be difficult to know how clothes work when the weather changes.  We always ask ourselves how can I make sure that my child will be warm enough but won't sweat?  The simple answer to that is to dress in layers.

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