How to dress your toddler no matter the weather

How to dress your toddler no matter the weather

Three years old is a time of incredible physical and mental growth for your child. A big part of growing up healthy is lots of time for playing and having fun outdoors. Fresh air is great for children of any age, and 3-year-olds are growing fast and love to run and play outside!

The infinite variety of places to explore and obstacles to overcome in parks and natural places makes outdoor play one of the best things for your child to experience. Not only will outdoor play help your children grow up strong and healthy, but it’ll also lead to hungry kids who eat well and sleep deeply through the night - hooray!

Understanding How to Dress your kids for the cold

In the fall, winter, and spring when the temperatures drop, keeping your kids warm can be a challenge - unless you have the right clothes! Layers of warm, breathable, all-natural wool clothing will keep your child toasty, happy and ready to play- and that is what success looks like for a 3-year-old!

Layering toddlers for the cold

  • To keep your kids nice and warm, start with a base layer of merino wool on the skin, like our merino longs, merino top, and merino socks. This layer keeps the skin warm and dry, acts as natural sun protection, and even breathes to carry sweat away.
  • Then add an outer layer for snow or wind, and your kids will be able to make snowmen all day like they do in Norway!

With the right layers of warm (and stylish) wool clothing, your child will be more successful than your wildest dreams!

Now the problem you may face is that your kid might get too warm, rather than too cold! Remember to check for sweat on your child’s neckline - but luckily, even if wool gets wet, it stays warm.