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Ella’s Wool was started back in 2012, about a year after I’d moved to Brooklyn, NY from Norway with my husband and two kids.

The reason for starting Ella’s Wool was because I couldn’t bear to see the empty playgrounds in Brooklyn during wintertime anymore.

I wondered why there wasn’t anybody around and started to ask neighbours and other parents I met what kind of merino wool brands they usually bought from for their kids around here. The most common answers were: “What is merino wool?” and “We don’t wear wool because it’s itchy”. (It's not).

Then I understood that we dress almost the same, except for one thing, - Norwegians put on a soft merino wool layer underneath the under clothes to keep warm.

A thin layer of soft, machine washable merino wool is the most common thing to put on your kids in Norway.

At the daycares over there it’s required to wear thermals as a base layer because they go out to play for hours even if it’s 16F° (-9C°). The schools have learned over the years that merino wool is the warmest and best solution.

I’m a person that get easily cold and after living about 32 winters Norway, I’ve tested out all the thermals and warm clothing you can imagine. Again and again, merino wool base layers win, it’s simply a fantastic material. The kids love wearing the soft merino.

In Norway merino wool long base layers are so common that you can buy it at the grocery store during the winter time.

For any questions about wool or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact at:

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