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Baby's Hiccups - Save your BOO! for Halloween

Hiccups are a funny thing, and not just because of the cute little sound your kids make when they have them. We know babies and kids get them because they drank or ate too quickly, or because they gulped too much air in excitement, but one of my favorite piece of Scandinavian lore to share with people in the US is that when babies and kids are cold they get the hiccups. Very few people know about this secret, but this folk knowledge has been verified by scientific researchers at the Mayo Clinic and other medical institutions. We have nerves that run from our neck to our chests and when those nerves are irritated for whatever reason they make the...

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How to dress your toddler no matter the weather

Not sure how to dress your toddler for the heat or cold? Getting children dressed to go outside can be a headache sometimes, it can be difficult to know how clothes work when the weather changes.  We always ask ourselves how can I make sure that my child will be warm enough but won't sweat?  The simple answer to that is to dress in layers.

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