The secret to getting rid of hiccups?

The secret to getting rid of hiccups? "Layering"

Ella’s Wool was started when I moved from Norway to the United States with my daughter Ella and my son. We were very confused when we realized that none of the kids were playing outside in the wintertime. In Norway, children play outside all winter long in the harshest winters, wrapped up snugly in layers and layers of warm, all natural wool.

Why should you love Wool?

When I asked parents if their kids wore layers of wool to keep them warm, they rarely said yes. Right away, I knew that I had to bring warm, all-natural wool clothing to these kids - not only to let them play but to keep them healthy in the wintertime.

It is common knowledge in Scandinavia and other parts of the world that when kids and babies get cold, they get the hiccups. Very few people know about this secret, but this folk knowledge has been verified by scientific researchers at the Mayo Clinic and other medical institutions.

Layering 101

Parents know that when their kids start hiccuping, it’s time to put on some more layers or some inside for a mug of piping hot tea. But here in the United States, I always feel so bad for all the babies and kids on the playground who have hiccups - they need more layers of clothing (especially wool) to keep them toasty warm and cozy.

Both Ella and my son get the hiccups the moment they get cold - it’s like a built-in thermometer telling me that it is time to bundle them up. Luckily, with layers of all natural wool, it is easy to keep your baby warm and not worry about them anymore.

Put on a layer of merino wool underneath your baby’s clothes, and they will be back to normal in no time!

Photo: Ashley Scheider