Why wearing Wool in the summer is actually a good idea!


baby boy wearing blue base layer set

You are feeling hot!!  Unfortunately not hot and sexy, but hot and sweaty. And while you look at the kids running around the playground, the sweat trickles down your back, mixing with the oily, high SPF sunscreen, making the sweat kind of sticking to your back.

Only the best for your kids

Probably, the last thing on your mind is wool. Actually, the thought of wool makes you even warmer, and the rivers of sweat down your back wider. Your baby is lying in the shade, but to be on the safe side you put on an extra layer of sunscreen and wonder if you should get another iced coffee. We think you should get some wool on. 

Not necessarily on yourself, but at least the baby. Before you stop reading, please know that we don't want you to dig out the winter clothes. We are talking about the finest, softest merino wool, so comfortable that if your baby could talk, it would thank you even when the heat rises. Ellas's Wool offers a variety of sleeveless options you can choose from so that your baby is well protected while looking cute!  

Why you should choose Merino Wool

1. Because wool works just like an air conditioner on your body, it’s a magical, naturally heat regulating fabric. It lets the body heat out, between the thin fibers.

2. The same fibers absorb moisture, letting you feel dry and comfortable even when you are sweating. 

3. Another reason to wear merino wool in summer is that it actually provides good sun protection compared to other fabrics. With all the chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients in modern sunscreens, wouldn't it be best to avoid it as much as possible? 

Cotton, when wet, gets heavy and clings to your body. So when it's really warm, do you want your baby to feel comfortable and dry or hot and sticky? Just asking.

Your baby can’t talk yet, but literally being the coolest kid in the hood will say it all.