The trick to stay warm at Halloween without ruining the costume

Halloween orange butternut squashes

Halloween is around the corner, hooray!!

What kind of costume will your child wear this year? Are you dressing up, too?

In Norway, the Halloween celebration is pretty new.

In the ’80s when I was a young girl, we did something called “Julebukk”,  which was similar.


Julebukk takes place between the 1st day of Christmas (what’s called Christmas Day here) and New Years Day. To “walk” Julebukk, you dress your kids up as cute Santa’s helpers.

Then you walk around the neighborhood, ringing the bells at peoples homes and singing a Christmas carol or two when they open the door. Then they’d give the kids candy afterward.

(In the 80’s we walked around without the parents - I’m not sure if that’s the case anymore!)

Since the average temperature in Oslo, Norway at that time of year is around 25°F, we had to do something clever to keep our kids warm without ruining the Santa’s helpers’ costume with a big coat over the top.

Merino Wool Layer

The answer was a thin layer of soft merino wool underneath the costume: simply a merino wool top and a merino wool longjohns. Your kids will stay warm!

For the smaller toddler or baby, a merino wool onesie and merino wool tights will do the trick.

  wool baby base layer set in white

We’ve brought this “wooly” tradition into our yearly trick or treat tradition here in Brooklyn. Now Ella’s friends have also learned to wear a thin layer of wool underneath the costume every Halloween.

Have a great Halloween celebration this year, and best of luck with the costumes!