5 holiday problems solved by wool

5 holiday problems solved by wool

As we enter the holiday season, many of us prepare for travel. 

There’s a lot to think and worry about, especially if it’s the first big trip for the youngest members of the family.

At Ella’s Wool, we like to keep things simple. By dressing them in wool, we simply have fewer problems to worry about.

Easy ways to simplify your vacation

  1. Dressing for long flights and drives

Planes can be cold, cars can be hot, and with the kids being strapped in a seat for the journey, it’s not easy to dress or undress them. By having the kids wear a base layer of thin wool, we make sure they are as comfortable as can be.

That will keep them warm against the cold draft, but not too hot if the temperature rises. It’s easy to add or remove outer layers, and it stays warm even if it gets wet.

  1. Keep your clothes looking good

Wool clothes look good, even when they have been stuffed into a suitcase or small bag. Shake off any creases, dress kid and you are ready for whatever social event that’s on your calendar.

Quality wool always looks classy and fresh. No iron needed!

  1. How to keep clothes clean?

Kids spill and get dirty, but because of the self-cleaning qualities of wool, you don’t have to wash it as often as other fabrics. That means they can be worn longer, which is practical when you can’t pack that many shifts. Stains can be removed by a damp cloth and smells can be aired out.

  1. Getting your kids to sleep

Getting kids to sleep in new locations can be tricky. Different bed, lighting, and sounds keep the young ones up way past bedtime.

One thing you can do, however, is to at least make sure they're as comfortable as they can be in their PJs. Wool transports night sweat away from the body, keeping your kids warm and dry, and that will help calm them down faster.

If you don’t yet have a set of wool pajamas, you can let them sleep in the base layer.

  1. Know what to pack

You want to keep it light, but have to pack enough for the whole family.

Wool is lightweight, doesn’t crease, doesn’t need to be cleaned that often and can double as sleepwear. That should make packing easier, right?

Now, if only wool would prevent us from eating too much good food this season…

Happy Holidays to you all!

Stay warm.

Photo: Lynzy Terbosic