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15 Screen-Free Activities for your next Family Camping Trip

These days, kids are glued to their electronics more than ever before. It’s easy to say yes to packing these items on a camping trip especially if they’ll help keep your kiddos from misbehaving. But, the whole point of camping is to get outside and enjoy nature, as well as some screen-free time! So we're sharing 15 of our favorite screen-free activities for you and your kiddos to try that will have them forgetting you left their bag of electronics at home!

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8 Excellent Parenting Blogs for Active Families

As active parents here at Ella’s Wool, we are always looking to connect and collaborate with like-minded moms and dads. We love to hear the tips, tricks, and ideas from other families that manage to stay successfully active, despite the whirlwind schedule that inevitably comes with raising a family. The web is full of parenting blogs for all types of families. It is wonderful to be able to connect with so many other parents at the click of the button, but it is quite a time-consuming task to narrow down which blogs and whose posts are going to really appeal to our particular family. As a family that loves to hike, camp, and bask in the enjoyment all things outdoors...

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Back to Nature

Last weekend I decided to take my kids out of all the election noise and into the woods for a few hours. We didn’t take any toys along with us, not bats, no balls; it seemed like the right time to just let their play be guided by nature and allow them the space to apply their imaginations to whatever they found in the forest. They climbed up trees and played in the branches for five hours. I don’t think their feet touched the ground the entire time we were there, and it was a challenge to get them to leave their arboreal adventures when it was home time. This was an unplanned day of outdoor fun, but one I...

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