Tubes – Deconstructed

Tubes – Deconstructed

A closer look at the famous knit leggings from Ella's Wool. 
100% Organic Merino Wool  •  Machine Washable.


"The Tubes are like magical pants! They are designed to grow with your child and to be worn first cuffed and later uncuffed for more length."

– The Wool Life


Infographic of Tubes deconstructed

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  • Elastic waist that stays up, but isn't too tight
  • High waist bans to help hold in regular or cloth diapers
  • Keeps the belly warm


  • Helps hold in the heat
  • Flexible fabric that moves freely to maximize comfort


  • Wicks away moisture
  • Stays Warm, Dry and Comfy
  • Stain-Resistant

Roll-Down Cuffs

When wearing boots, roll the cuff up above the boot. When sitting in a baby carrier, roll down the cuff to cover the whole leg with warmth. Roll the cuff up and down as the situation demands.


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Tip! When it's cold out, wear Tubes between a base layer and a shell layer that protects against wind, snow, and rain.