Signs Your Kid Is Cold

Signs Your Kid Is Cold

Below freezing temperatures are sweeping across the country. But, that doesn't always stop little ones from wanting to play outside, especially if there is snow! 

Here at Ella's Wool, it is our mission to encourage year-round outdoor play by ensuring your kid is comfortable and properly dressed - even during cold weather days. Kids may not always speak up when they are cold, so Ella's Wool put together a few reminders to help you tell if your little one is getting a little chilly.

While you may be aware of some of these tips, especially if you live in an area prone to colder weather, spouses, babysitters or teachers may not. It is always a good idea to review cold weather safety tips with those caring for your child.  

Whatever winter activity you plan to do with the little ones, Ella's Wool is here to ensure everyone has fun and stays warm.

 Tips and tricks for how to tell if your little one is getting chilly.