Packing away your woolies for the summer

Packing away your woolies for the summer

Depending on where you live and how you spend your summer, it may be about time to pack your wool away for the warm season.

Here's how we store our wool, to keep it fresh, clean and safe from moths and other little pests all summer long.

There are some products we often recommend for taking care of wool, and making it last longer. We don't make or sell these products, but may get a commission if you purchase them. But rest assured: We would never recommend anything we wouldn't use ourselves.


Sonett wool care

1. Wash & Care

First, we wash our woollies, to make sure there are no stains that small creatures might enjoy nibbling on. Then we treat the wool with a little Sonett Wool Care, to replenish the wool's lanolin and keep it soft.

Storage bags

2. Roll & Pack

When we're confident the clothes are entirely dry, we roll them up (to avoid stubborn creases) and put them into air-tight plastic storage bags, like these.

Cedar balls

3. Add Cedar Before Sealing

Before we seal the bags, however, we add a few cedar moth balls or a bag of all-natural cedar chips to each storage bag. That'll take care of any stow-away moth larvae and other wool-munching critters.

Fall leaves

4. Leave Them Until Fall

That's it! Put the bags in storage. When summer is over, and it's time to take your clothes out of storage, just give each piece a little shake, and they'll be ready to wear again.