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7 common myths about wool

Ok, raise your hand if you can come up with at least three reasons not to wear wool. Either on yourself, or force it on your precious baby. It itches, is a hassle to clean and costs a fortune. Only three? We can add heavy, ugly and high maintenance. Who has time, energy or enough arms for hand washing with a newborn around? Well, we want to challenge you on all of the above. Myths about wool have been kept alive for long enough; it is time to look at what it actually is. Myth: Wool’s always itchy Truth: Nope, merino wool and alpaca wool are not itchy. They are, in fact, very soft. Your baby will love it, and...

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Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT.

You are feeling hot. Unfortunatley not hot and sexy, but hot and sweaty. And while you look at the kids running around the playground, the sweat trickles down your back, mixing with the oily, high SPF sunscreen, making the sweat kind of sticking to your back. Probably, the last thing on your mind is wool. Actually, the thought of wool makes you even warmer, and the rivers of sweat down your back wider. Your baby is lying in the shade, but to be on the safe side you put on an extra layer of sunscreen and wonder if you should get another iced coffee. We think you should get some wool on.  Not necessarily on yourself, but at least the...

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Hey little one, it's time to give your mommy a good night sleep

Do you think it is a coincidence that so many lullabies are about soft, fluffy sheep? Or that you are told to count sheep if you can't sleep?We think not!  Everybody who have small kids in the house, know the value of a good night's sleep. They say that being tired is for your body the same as being drunk - just without the fun. Actually, it is no fun at all. Experienced the feeling of being impatient, short tempered and angry, anyone? For good reason a popular book among parents at the moment is Get the f#*k to sleep. A book we all feel we could have written at some point.  So your baby is not sleeping, and you...

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