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How to keep your kids warm without overdressing them

Keeping our kids warm outdoors is probably one of our main concerns as parents, but we tend to overlook the fact that we can actually make them 'too warm'. As a rule, kids tend to feel the heat more than adults. Above all, babies should not be dressed too warmly, because they transpire heavily. 

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Happy new year - and our favorite resolution: go outside!

New year, new resolutions, a new chance for everything and no more chocolate, like, for ever?  It’s easy to mock this time of year’s hard to keep promises to oneself. So why don’t pick a resolution that is easy to stick to, that will keep you in shape and will be good for the whole family: be more outdoors - even when it is cold You don’t need to book a trip to Alaska to have some great outdoor experiences. Start small with a trip to the park. Bring food and enjoy a simple meal outside. Make it easy, it’s not like you need to make the food from scratch from ingredients you collect in the wilderness to make it...

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How to dress your toddler no matter the weather

Not sure how to dress your toddler for the heat or cold? Getting children dressed to go outside can be a headache sometimes, it can be difficult to know how clothes work when the weather changes.  We always ask ourselves how can I make sure that my child will be warm enough but won't sweat?  The simple answer to that is to dress in layers.

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