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Amanda's Project

Amanda’s Project A story about how wool gave comfort to a little girl called Amanda, her parents and then every prematurely born baby in Norway and their parents. In the midst of summer 2010, Bjørg and Bjørn gave birth to a girl they named Amanda. Unfortunately, Amanda wasn't a healthy baby, she had severe problems with her heart and lungs, and were immediately put in intensive care. And while it looked like she would pull through, her short life ended just ten days after it began. As a bystander it is easy to feel helpless. When Amanda's grandmother asked if there was anything she could do, maybe knit something, the nurse replied with a big yes, and asked if she...

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Nothing between me and my wool

It was 97 degrees the summer evening we packet for our holiday in Norway. So tempting just to throw all our shorts and pretty singlets and Ella's summer dresses in the suitcase and call it a day. But we knew better. Summer in Norway would be defined as fall by any other nationality, so deep down in the drawers we found the clothes that for so long had not been in use - the woolly stuff. Most importantly, the thin merino sweaters for small and adults alike, and even long johns for the kids. Worst case, we would borrow hats and gloves from friends there. Sigh, "summer" here we come. There were days our shorts and pretty singlets actually saw...

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7 common myths about wool

Ever decided not to buy a wool item because you were told it was itchy or dry clean only? I bet you have also heard that woolen clothing is just for the winter season and it's way too warm for the summer. But is that really true?? We have examined these accusations more Closely and came to the conclusions that they are nothing more than myths.. Take a look at these 7 common myths about wool we have busted!

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