Nothing between me and my wool

It was 97 degrees the summer evening we packet for our holiday in Norway. So tempting just to throw all our shorts and pretty singlets and Ella's summer dresses in the suitcase and call it a day. But we knew better. Summer in Norway would be defined as fall by any other nationality, so deep down in the drawers we found the clothes that for so long had not been in use - the woolly stuff. Most importantly, the thin merino sweaters for small and adults alike, and even long johns for the kids. Worst case, we would borrow hats and gloves from friends there. Sigh, "summer" here we come.

There were days our shorts and pretty singlets actually saw sunlight, and Ella could run around in her dresses. Still, had we not packet the wool, it would have been an uncomfortable holiday. You see, we know that wearing wool closest to our skin keeps us perfectly temperate, even on those days it's not that cold.

For a reference you can say that the magic number is 50. 50°F or 10°C is when it's time to wear something special underneath. Yes, under your regular clothes. To get full advantage of the fantastic merino wool, the whole point is to have it as close to your skin as possible. Wool traps body heat in small pockets between it's fibers, and they keep you warm. Should the outdoor temperature rise dramatically while you are wearing wool, it works as a buffer between your skin and the hot air. Think of the sweater as an insulated mug, just a lot more comfy. And more clever, as it also absorbs any perspiration. Can't be more win win than this! And for the last time: No, Merino wool do not itch!

The best thing about base layer is that it can be styled with the really pretty stuff on top. Merino singlets hide under silk blouses, a long sleeved merino sweater look cool under the graphic t-shirt. As long as it's next to skin, we don't really care what you put on over it. Except on the days so cold you need an extra layer wool, but let's not talk about that now.  
Back in Brooklyn the wool was again safely returned to drawer, and we enjoyed the last of summer. As October suddenly is over us, we'll soon bring them out. On the crisp fall days, playing in the park is just so much fun. The kids run around while we soak up the last warm rays before winter. It's great knowing the kids can continue their outdoor activities just like when the weather is warmer. And we're not cold either, since we also wear merino underneath.  

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