Hey little one, it's time to give your mommy a good night sleep

Do you think it is a coincidence that so many lullabies are about soft, fluffy sheep? Or that you are told to count sheep if you can't sleep?We think not! 

Everybody who have small kids in the house, know the value of a good night's sleep. They say that being tired is for your body the same as being drunk - just without the fun. Actually, it is no fun at all. Experienced the feeling of being impatient, short tempered and angry, anyone? For good reason a popular book among parents at the moment is Get the f#*k to sleep. A book we all feel we could have written at some point. 

So your baby is not sleeping, and you have tried everything, every trick in the book. You have probably tried so many tricks the baby is stressed by all the changes, and as a result refuse to sleep because of that. No night feeding, extra feeding, letting the baby cry, picking it up, keeping the room cold, warm, let it sleep in your room, in your bed, it's own room - the list goes on.

Every kid is different, and one thing that works for some will not for for others. Generally, we think that every family have to find out what works for them, without others getting involved with their opinions and fool proof ways. However, some advice are too good to keep secret. Like babies sleep better in merino wool. It's a scientific fact, actually, confirmed by AgResearch in New Zealand. They compared sleeping sacks made of merino wool to ones made by fleece.

And the winner is … (drum roll) … Merino wool! Not that we are surprised, of course. The research showed that a baby in merino is less likely to overheat, less likely to get damp in areas where moisture doesn't evaporate, like between the baby and the mattress, and the baby is better protected from chilling drafts or air conditioning.

By wearing 100% wool your baby will be neither too hot or cold, and nighttime sweat will be absorbed, so that baby feels dry and comfy all night. Babies move a lot less than adults when they sleep, so it seems they sweat more. Remember that cotton get cold and clingy when wet, and who likes that?!

Since your baby needs sleepwear anyway, why not try 100% merino and see what happens? In worst case (no immediate change in sleeping pattern) you have a great pajama, that's all natural and environmental friendly. And if your baby sleeps better, well, what can we say, other than «we told you so»? Enjoy!

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