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Dressing Kids for the Slopes

Hitting the slopes each winter is an outdoor activity many families take part in. If you live near the mountains, your closets are most likely stocked with stacks of winter gear. But, if you’re planning to vacation with your family this winter at a mountain resort with little ones for the first time, you may want to take notes. Trust us when we say kiddos may not want to try skiing again after their first lesson if they were shivering the entire time. Why wool? Wool garments will be some of the best pieces you can pack for your children to wear on the slopes. Wool is a naturally heat regulating fabric, meaning your kids can wear the merino garments...

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Babies That Nap Outside

Last winter, my American friend traveled with her family to Copenhagen for a holiday. When she returned, she told me about her initial shock at seeing unattended baby strollers with babies in them lined up on sidewalks outside cafés and restaurants while their parents were inside eating. Yes, it is true. A daily nap outside is a common part of the daily routine for babies and toddlers throughout Scandinavia, even when temperatures reach as low as 20º F. All year round daycares take the children outside to nap. And, at home, parents put their babies in the garden, on the balcony or porch for their nap. So if you visit anywhere in Scandinavia, this will be a very common sight: Scandinavian parents...

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