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Babies That Nap Outside

Last winter, my American friend traveled with her family to Copenhagen for a holiday. When she returned, she told me about her initial shock at seeing unattended baby strollers with babies in them lined up on sidewalks outside cafés and restaurants while their parents were inside eating. Yes, it is true. A daily nap outside is a common part of the daily routine for babies and toddlers throughout Scandinavia, even when temperatures reach as low as 20º F. All year round daycares take the children outside to nap. And, at home, parents put their babies in the garden, on the balcony or porch for their nap. So if you visit anywhere in Scandinavia, this will be a very common sight: Scandinavian parents...

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8 Excellent Parenting Blogs for Active Families

As active parents here at Ella’s Wool, we are always looking to connect and collaborate with like-minded moms and dads. We love to hear the tips, tricks, and ideas from other families that manage to stay successfully active, despite the whirlwind schedule that inevitably comes with raising a family. The web is full of parenting blogs for all types of families. It is wonderful to be able to connect with so many other parents at the click of the button, but it is quite a time-consuming task to narrow down which blogs and whose posts are going to really appeal to our particular family. As a family that loves to hike, camp, and bask in the enjoyment all things outdoors...

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It's apple picking season – stay warm

Fall is finally upon us. The leaves are beginning to turn and there is a crispness in the air. While pumpkin patch picking is always on our list of October to-do’s, we also love taking our little ones out to an apple orchard. Apple picking is a fun, family-friendly activity to kick-off your fall.We love apple picking and recommend it to all of our friends because typically there are enough activities to keep both the adults and kids entertained. From drinking warm cider to taking a hayride around the orchard, there is something for everyone. Not sure where to go? Check out this article by Reader’s Digest: The Best Place to Go Apple Picking in Every State.Before heading out, throw...

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