Dressing Kids for the Slopes

Dressing Kids for the Slopes

a mother teaching her daughter to ski

Hitting the slopes each winter is an outdoor activity many families take part in.

If you live near the mountains, your closets are most likely stocked with stacks of winter gear. But, if you’re planning to vacation with your family this winter at a mountain resort with little ones for the first time, you may want to take notes.

Trust us when we say kiddos may not want to try skiing again after their first lesson if they were shivering the entire time.

Why wool? Wool garments will be some of the best pieces you can pack for your children to wear on the slopes. Wool is a naturally heat regulating fabric, meaning your kids can wear the merino garments in any weather conditions. And, if they get a little snow up their sleeves on a tumble, it’s alright because the material is able to absorb moisture while letting them feel dry and comfortable.

We’re sharing a sample packing list for kids hitting the slopes this winter. Feel free to download the printable PDF and customize it for your upcoming trip.

  • Merino Wool Base Layers: Base layers are perfect for skiing, or snowboarding. Often, when kids first get out on the slopes, they’ll be feeling a little cold, especially if they’re standing around listening to an instructor. But, as the day goes on, they won’t need to worry about getting too hot or having to remove extra layers because unlike synthetics, merino wool is an amazing breathable fabric that keeps your children comfortable by regulating body temperature, therefore preventing sweat and overheating.
  • Merino Wool Tubes: Tubes are a great item to throw in the suitcase especially if ultra-low temperatures are expected. Have your kiddos wear Tubes on top of merino wool base layers.
  • Merino Wool Socks: It’s a myth that kids must wear two layers of socks to keep little feet warm in the winter cold. Boots are made to fit just one pair. A second layer may make the boot too tight, squashing out warm air and cutting off circulation – causing colder feet, not warmer. Doubling up on socks may also cause blisters. Use a single merino wool socks instead, to help keep kiddos’ feet warm and toasty.
  • Medium Thick Fleece Sweater/Wool Sweater: If the temperatures are colder than expected, it can’t hurt to have a medium thick fleece/wool sweater packed. This can be worn as a second layer like Tubes. If it’s not needed on the slopes, kids can wear this inside the lodge while enjoying some hot cocoa.
  • Weather-Proof Boots: Weather-proof boots are a must. Check out our flyer, “Keeping Little Feet Warm” to learn what to look for when buying a pair for your kids.
  • Hat/Balaclava: A hat is great for keeping little ears warm, but keep in mind it needs to be thin enough to fit under a helmet.
  • Mittens/Thick Gloves: Gotta have ‘em! Consider packing a few hand warmers too.
  • Ski Jacket and Pants: While a merino wool base layer paired with Tubes, if necessary, will keep your kids plenty warm, a ski jacket and pants are a must-have shell layer. Shell layers that are wind/waterproof will ensure your kids stay warm, dry and comfortable even when they fall in the damp snow. If they get too warm, unzipping the shell layer is okay. Their base layer will keep them plenty warm.
  • Helmet: Safety first!
  • Ski Goggles: It sure gets bright when the sun bounces off the snow-covered hills! These are a must in our opinion -- goggles will protect kiddos’ eyes from the sun and snowfall.

Often one of kids’ biggest complaints when it comes to learning to ski is the cold. Ensure a fun, and warm experience by packing them all the necessities. We wish you a safe and fun family vacation!