Spring is in the air!

white and pink flowerI love spring. Warmer weather, beautiful flowers, new shoes, longer days... I particularly love the change that takes place in our closet. Out with the warm and comforting clothes and in with the colorful and fun. Since I’m mostly wearing darker colors in the winter months, the change is not only about texture, but also visual.

The woolen skirt, dresses and chunky knit sweaters will go in the boxes, together with my continuously growing collection of cardigans. 7 black cardigans? Really? It’s one of those things that is really hard to explain to a husband, but that a girlfriend understands immediately :-) Also, woolen thermal underwear will hopefully not be needed for many months. It feels great suddenly to have so much available space!

When you grow up wearing wool, you continue wearing wool (except for the brief period when you think your parents are living fossils and you have to do the opposite if what they say and do). I can see that very clearly now when it's finally time to switch from winter to summer in our closet: A lot of the typical winter clothes will stay.

Thin merino wool workout clothes are perfect all year around. I am also keeping some of my wool baselayer (yes, it comes in adult sizes too). Wool is great to use during hot weather, I find it works a lot nicer than many of the synthetic clothes out there. Of course I can’t pack all my black cardigans away, so a few will stay together with the colorful ones. Full blast aircon can be even colder than a walk on a glacier, specially when the outdoor temperature is hot and humid, and the best way to keep the dreaded summer cold off is to have a cardigan or scarf in your bag for indoor use.

Oh, did I mention scarves, the most perfect accessory before shoes and handbags? Silk and cotton scarves are all well and fun, but a big, light knit cashmere scarf is a staple for every woman all year around. It’s an investment for sure, but will be your loyal friend for years to come. Perfect when flying, to wrap around sleeping kids in the car, to cover up when that strapless wasn't such a good idea after all - the uses are endless. So a few of my scarves will stay as well. Perfect!

baby playing on the floorAs for the kid’s clothes, I’ll keep everything readily available, except the snowshoes and suit (not even summer in Norway is that bad, knock on wood)! They can sleep in wool pyjamas all summer, especially if you put the ac on. The one on the picture you can see closer here.

I am not taking any chances about their sleep by trying anything else than wool. Compared to cotton, a woolen onesie or top worn during the hot days actually prevents them from getting too sweaty and uncomfortable, since the wool regulates heat so perfectly. No big changes in that closet, except adding a pair of new shoes and a cute dress. 


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