Ella's Wool Base Layer Review - From a family in Washington

Ella's Wool Base Layer Review - From a family in Washington

"The boys finally got a chance to wear their Ella's Wool base layer set out in the elements of winter. We took them up to Steven's Pass here in Washington for some sledding and snow time. They had worn them prior as pajamas, but this was their first time layering them with snow gear.

I didn't even have a hard time getting my picky 5 years old to wear them instead of his Paw Patrol base layers because of how soft they are. The base layers kept them at the perfect temperature. They never complained about being too cold or too hot after running around and getting sweaty. Which I heard a lot of before... We have decided to have the boys take skiing lessons this year so they will definitely get their use out of them. But I can already tell that they will hold up well after multiple uses. 

I attached some pics of them playing in the snow. Obviously, you can't see them under their clothes, but they were great. Thanks again for letting us try them out. Now, you just need to make some that are adult sizes. :)"

Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Jill Thornton

kids eating in the snow

a kid making a snow angel

two kids playing in the snow

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