Say Boo and Scary on!

Say Boo and Scary on!

Halloween Costume

Keep your kids warm and haunting on Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner. It won’t be long until our kiddos are dressing up as their favorite animal, movie character, or superhero.

Whatever they choose, it’s important to also consider how their costume may fair in late October when weather conditions are often unpredictable.

It’s not uncommon for children to go straight from a classroom Halloween party to trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood. Whether your child is dressed as a pretty princess or as Chase from PAW Patrol, their comfort is most important.

A merino wool tank top is the perfect layer for any costume. Your kiddo can easily wear one under their costume to transition from a classroom party to trick-or-treating in the breezy fall weather.

Often wool receives a bad reputation for being itchy, which would be less than ideal for a young child. But, merino wool is far from itchy. It's extremely fine, flexible and elastic, giving it a soft and gentle feel.

Not only is it comfortable, but it’s breathable. Merino wool is an active fiber that will adjust to body temperatures making it the perfect undergarment to wear all day as your child transitions from the classroom to outside.

Our merino wool is easy to care for, too. After a normal day's use, just let it air out. The near-magic wool finds its original shape and kills off germs and odors.

If you feel you have to throw it in the washing machine, go for it. Just hang it to dry and voila, the tank top is ready to be worn again with any fall or winter outfit. (If you're interested, we have some other advice on how to care for your wool, too.)

And, while costumes may go out of style after one use, a merino wool tank top won’t. After Halloween comes and goes, your kids will be able to wear it for many activities including camping, hiking, and playing in the snow. Or layer the tank top under normal school wear for chilly days on the playground.

If your kiddo has an unexpected growth spurt, hand the tank top down to a younger sibling, because the durability of merino wool is unlike any other fabric.

Wool fibers can bend over 20,000 times compared to cotton at 3,000. And, while many fabrics will stretch after multiple uses making the appearance less than appealing, merino wool holds it shape use after use. Even your cart-wheeling princess won’t be able to stretch this tank top.

Our job as parents is to be prepared for the unexpected. Thankfully, with a merino tank top under any costume, your kids will be cool in the classroom and warm in the chilly October evenings.

If you are expecting a chillier than normal Halloween night, pair the Base Layer Tank Top with matching long johns.

P.S. We've also got a lace tank top option for those who want to some additional cuteness.