Ways to Wear your Wool this Summer

Ways to Wear your Wool this Summer


Getting ready to pack away your wool in the basement for the summer? Hold on just one second! Before you store your wool away for the next couple of months, you may want to consider leaving a few key pieces hanging in your closet. Below, we're sharing 8 activities that your wool base layers are perfect for. Yes, even during the warmer months.

  1. Bed Time Stories

Many of us have the air conditioning cranked during the spring and summer time to seek reprieve from the hot and sticky weather. But, with cooler indoor temperatures, we recommend keeping your kiddos’ tank top base layer set handy. This is the perfect set for children to wear to bed. When they first climb into bed to cozy up for their bedtime story, they’ll be able to stay nice and warm when their skin hits their cool sheets. And, as they warm up through the night, the breathable merino wool fabric will keep your children comfortable by regulating body temperature, therefore preventing sweat and overheating.

  1. Cool Evenings in the Neighborhood

My neighborhood loves to throw a good block party! And, while we like to start the socializing, activities and food mid-afternoon, often you’ll find us mingling into dusk. Often when the sun sets, the temperatures begin to drop. But, if your kiddo is wearing a pair of Tubes or a base layer set, they can enjoy the company of their friends a little longer than normal. As long as it’s not their bedtime of course! A base layer tank fits under most cute summer dresses and boy’s shirts so no one will ever know they’ve got an extra layer on.

  1. Swimming at the Pool or Beach

It doesn’t matter if you have the sun beaming down on you, once you are done splashing around in the water at the beach or local swimming pool most likely you’ll feel a little cooler. Why? As the water evaporates from your body and skin, it takes your body heat with it. Throw a pair of base lasers on your little ones to help them warm back up. Merino wool also provides natural protection from UV light and UVB rays.

  1. Camping

From roasting marshmallows around a campfire to sleeping in a tent, base layers are a must have on any camping trip. What’s great about merino wool is that it is naturally flame retardant, and doesn’t melt when exposed to fire. So when the fire crackles and lands on them, it won’t ruin their Ella’s Wool. And, because it’s also temperature regulating, the little ones can go straight to bed without changing and stay warm in their sleeping bag throughout the night.

  1. Hiking

If you and your family are planning on hiking this summer, you’ll want to leave the kids’ Tubes out of storage. Tubes are not bulky so it is easy to play and move like normal. And, if the sun sneaks behind a cloud or you reach a high altitude where temperatures are cooler even in spring and summer months, the Tubes will keep your kiddos warm. If they get their Tubes dirty, don’t sweat it. Since they are machine washable, you can just toss them in the laundry when you get home so they can wear them on the next adventure.

  1. Fishing

The good thing about wearing wool is that the material is able to absorb moisture while letting you feel dry and comfortable. If you’re taking your little ones on a little fishing excursion make sure to pack a base layer set. They can wear these under their fishing waders or a pair of denim for extra protection from the damp areas you’ll be exploring. Or, if you’re tossing your line in from a boat and they get splashed they won’t need to change because their clothing choice regulates moisture.

  1. Night at the Ballpark

Hitting up an evening game at your local ballpark? A base layer tank top is a great option to wear under a baseball jersey. Merino wool is perfect for sudden changes in temperature meaning once the sun sets your kiddos won’t be begging you to leave before the 9th inning because they’re cold.

  1. Eight: Vacation

Whether you’re headed somewhere warm or cool for a summer getaway, base layers and even tubes are a great travel outfit especially if you're traveling by plane. Airplanes are notorious for being a bit on the chilly side, so dressing in layers isn’t a bad idea. It’s always easier to remove layers. Depending on your destination, weather can be unpredictable so having a set of wool base layers may come in handy for sightseeing.

As you can see, the activities your kiddos can wear base layers and Tubes are endless! They can wear year round which makes them a worthwhile investment.

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