What to buy when starting nursery/pre-school in Norway - Checklist

If you've ever been traveling to Norway, you have probably noticed that a lot of babies and kids are wearing knit leggings and pants made out of wool. You'll see it everywhere you go! This is not just a sustainable fashion move; it's a necessity when it's chilly about nine months of the year (in other words, most of the school year).

Wearing few, but effective layers make it easy to move around, climb, roll around and jump in the leaves, mud or snow.

Norwegian kids spend a lot of their time outside, and the parents quickly become "experts" on how to dress their kids when it's cold out.

The layers are base layers, mid layers, and shell layers. 

When Ella went to nursery school in Oslo, the kids were playing outside for many hours of the day, even napping out in the stroller is an everyday thing. 

When she was 14 months, she started nursery school in Oslo.

This is the checklist we got from Ella's school:
- Merino wool base layers, merino wool socks (cover the whole body with a next to the skin layer of soft merino wool)
- Mid/second layer: Thick wool pants/leggings (e.g., Ella's Wool Tubes), wool or fleece jacket, wool or fleece one-piece. 
- Suitable shell layers for the weather: Down jacket/down suit/rain jacket/rain pants/wind jacket/wind pants
- Boots/rainboots/sneakers
- Thick rib wool socks
- Mittens/rain mittens
- Neckwarmer
- Balaclava or hat 

While merino wool base layers are getting more and more common for babies and kids here in the US, we want you to know about the mid layer almost every kid in Norway has got in their drawers; knit pants. It sounds funny, but it's so addictive! When you've started wearing wool knit pants, you won't even remember what you used to do before it.

When making our Tubes knit pants, it was important to us that the merino wool fabric was very soft as well as machine washable. Tubes can be washed at a wool/delicates program with wool detergent.

To make sure that our Tubes are sustainable, eco-friendly and animal-friendly, we contacted the global authority on wool, The Woolmark Company, to make sure that all stages of the production are safe.

When you buy a pair of Tubes, you can see their label next ours, to ensure the quality and safety of the woolies.

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