Care guide

Merino wool:
Merino is naturally anti-bacterial, self-cleaning and water repellant, and rarely needs to be washed. Just hang it up and let it air out. (Yes we were skeptical once, too, but you really ought to try.) If you find spots you can’t wipe off with a damp cloth, however, our merino can be machine washed cold. We recommend that you use a liquid wool detergent, and avoid fabric softeners, laundry powders and bleach.

Janus merino wool can also be tumble dried on low temperatures, but we recommend that you line dry your merino out of direct sunlight if you can. Bock merino wool is not to be tumble dried.

Alpaca and llama wool:
Alpaca and llama wool should be hand washed with a specialized, liquid wool detergent, and no softener. Dry flat, and avoid sunlight when drying.