Introducing: TUBES by Ella's Wool

Introducing Tubes – Wool Pants by Ella's Wool

We are overjoyed to finally be able to introduce TUBES – the warmest, goodest wool pants there is!

Something I have really missed in the chilly winters and late fall in Brooklyn, are the thick, rib-knit wool pants that all kids in Norway have a pair or two of.

As with the merino baselayers that started the Ella's Wool adventure, I haven't been able to find them anywhere in the States.

Made in America

So, I decided to make my own, thick wool pants for the kids, right here in the US.

It feels like I've scoured the entire American North-East to find good yarn, made from the wool of happy sheep. Then, I partnered up with a knitting factory in North Carolina, to help me turn the wool into comfy, snug-fitting pants like the one I knew from Norway.

We must have made a dozen different variations until we got them just right. And now, finally, they’re ready to ship.


A snug second layer

I named these pants TUBES, because that’s what they look like when you’re not wearing them.

They look like wool tubesTUBES are made from 100% pre-shrunk lambs merino wool. They’re machine washable at a cold delicates program, and with a good wool detergent. They’re a unisex second layer – perfect instead of jeans or sweatpants when the autumn mornings start getting a bit chilly, or between long johns and a waterproof shell layer when the kids are out playing in winter. It’ll keep them warm for hours in the snow. 

But most importantly, TUBES will pass your kid’s criss cross applesauce test. They’re soft, stretchy and don’t restrict movement, so kids can sit cross-legged one moment and be up and running the next. The pants will fit snuggly, but not too tight, like leggings.

Available soon

TUBES will be available in November, here on Ella’s Wool, as well on Amazon, Etsy and Open Sky.

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